Bidding Wars and Selling Frenzy


Bidding Wars

How do you avoid a bidding war in a seller’s market? You don’t avoid It. You can control your time and effort by giving the asking price or a slightly higher amount.

Some tips for placing highest and best offer

  • Know your limitations. Pre-determine a max offer price and what that payment with out of pocket expenses will be.
  • Offer odd increments. (ex.$345670) Sellers want the most money in their pocket—even by a few dollars
  • Lead with your highest and best offer. If you’ll be told no, then you’ll get that answer sooner, vs. later.
  • Check the value. Work with a SMART realtor who is advising you with factual market data. It is foolish to over bid on a property where it will NOT appraise for that amount If you don’t intend to pay the difference.

Selling  FRENZY

What makes one house sell faster than the one next door? We call these slight differences, “curb appeal”.

There are few things you can do this year to increase the demand for your home.

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