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Single Story For Sale in Charlotte, Charlotte

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Great Unit & Location

•  single story FOR SALE  USD258,000 . Priced to Sell
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A great find in Uptown Charlotte! Fourth Ward Community offers affordable uptown living. This 2 bedroom, 2 bath corner unit features upgrades such as laminate floors, granite counter tops, lighting, stainless steel appliances, and tons of light and space. Move-in ready. Freshly painted. Experience the charm of the Fourth Ward and the convenience of uptown walking to restaurants, entertainment and football games. Appliances will convey

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Affordable Housing

Many people make the words affordable housing synonymous with “Low Income”.   As our economy changes, the faces of those in need of affordable housing are changing too.  We’d like to share some suggestions on ways we can individually all create more affordable housing for hard working Americans that deserve to a great place to call home and to even own their dream!


HGTV has redefined the possibilities that rehabilitating or renovating can yield!  In everyday life, it may not be as easy as TV makes it look, but the results can be just as real!  Renovation opens possibilities that previously may not have existed for both buyers and investors.  Consider purchasing properties that can be renovated and re-sold.  Consider a purchasing a home that you will live in that needs minor renovations.  Ask a great loan officer about renovation loans to finance the repairs into you mortgage.


Any house that was financed, and the borrower could not repay can become a foreclosed property.  This does not mean that the location or condition of the property is inferior to normal market conditions or locations.   Many homes in foreclosure have some type of equity in the transaction.  The investor/owner of the mortgage does not intend to retain the asset, so they re-sale it to recoup their losses.  This can create an opportunity for a buyer to gain a property under market value, or at least one with future appreciating potential.  Consider purchasing a foreclosed home!

Rural Areas

There is a saying in real estate, “Drive until you can afford it!”  The more rural an area is, the more affordably priced homes can be.  In some areas, you don’t have to be significantly remote to find affordability.  Consider moving outside the city limits/county line where there are less street lights, and lower property taxes!

Multi Family

There is a reason the north east has so much multifamily housing.  For some to afford their home and the property taxes, they had to have help paying for it!  For decades families have purchased properties that had 2-4 separate units in them. They lived there and charged rent to a tenant.  This can reduce expenses while a mortgage exists, and in the future, can serve as stream of income.  Did you know you finance the conversion of a single-family home into a multi-family home?  Talk with a loan officer today that can provide you with information.

The key to gaining affordably priced homes is to find ways to save money in home purchases, finding great value for your dollar spent, and have vision for future values to come. For more information in buying or selling your next property with an advantage, please contact us at 888-362-1706.

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Technology and Real Estate

Real Estate has always been a relationship with people business. However modern technological advances have changed the pace and temperance that the real estate business is conducted.   This blog is designed to educate consumers on things to consider when supplementing technology for good old fashioned licensed experience.

The new thing is to sell your house without a realtor via companies that use technology to market your property. Some of these companies even “offer” to purchase your existing home to guarantee the sale.

Here are some observations for your consideration

The Cost

Often you incur cost that far exceed 6% of the price of your home when listing your house with an automated tech company.


To guarantee the sale of your home, these companies must “pre-select” buyer types. This potential can exclude entire groups of potential qualified buyers.


Institutional Investment

In today’s market, many large hedge funds are purchasing large blocks of real estate sales. They flip the properties or rent them out. This can cause further divides on affordable housing and giving first time buyers the same opportunities that you may have once had when you purchased this same property.

Reduced Services

If issues do arise, you are not represented by professional licensed realtor. This can leave you open to liability and or exposed to risk/losses.


Many decisions in a real estate transaction are very contingent and require a swift response. The art of negotiation is paramount. These are areas where artificial intelligence has not surpassed human experience.


Using technological advances are a good thing. However, technology will never replace the ability to sell, buy, create, design, and choose the best choices in real estate via the relationship transaction with an experienced licensed REALTOR.

We are a full service real estate firm for all your realty needs both residential and commercial. If you have questions about your best options when buying, selling, or building a home, please call us at 888.362.1706 X 101