Month: February 2018

Get a Realtor

Is it possible for you to purchase or sell your home without a real estate agent? Possibly. However, what will that cost you? As a buyer, the seller pays for your agent. Regardless of buying or selling, a realtor’s greatest value is saving you time, money, and stress.

A great real estate agent knows your local market. They have networks of people who solve problems every day. They know how to recognize a trend, a steal, and a treasure. They can also identify when things are smoke and mirrors, and when to walk away.

So many would be buyers are relying on marketing. Marketing only shows part of a whole story. Most marketing sites show homes available for sale have out dated information. This can be confusing to a potential buyer. It creates a false sense of “supply”

Another reason not to rely upon online marketing tools solely is that you may not be getting the information directly from the source. In the case of foreclosed homes. Those properties belong to an entity. Most entities have an “official site” or an exclusive listing agent that Is designated to promote the home for sale. Marketing sites often become a middle man, and sometimes can mislead potential buyers without having 100% of the information of status updates.

If you are looking to purchase a home, do yourself a favor. Work with a reliable real estate agent. You will thank yourself later. Realtors save you time and money. They also save you the stress of having to deal with negotiating with 3rd parties directly.

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