Month: January 2018

Mining for Gold

Mining for Gold


Real estate and gold have a lot in common. They are both highly desired tangibles that hedge inflation, and usually appreciate.  If you are looking to make an investment, the name of the game is buying low and selling high.  If you are looking to invest in real estate, foreclosures are a great place to start mining.

Foreclosures are created from a previous homeowner’s default on their mortgage. Often there is equity in the property.  Some people fear purchasing a foreclosed property because of perceived property condition/cost of repairs. The advantages of acquiring foreclosures are often price, location, and preferred construction.  Often the price to own a brick home with your desired space, and functionality comes at a great expense.  One solution to ease the fear of purchasing a foreclosed property is to consider financing a renovation. 

Renovation Loans allow you to purchase and improve a property in one loan. They create a “win -win” in foreclosure acquisition It’s the best of all worlds, price, location, and functionality with that fresh appeal.

If you are headed west to the “gold rush”…. allow us to help you “mine for” that perfect nugget of a home! For more information on how to sell or buy in this market, contact us at 888-362-1706.