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Home for the Holidays



Home for the Holidays

The Holiday season is upon us!  It is a time for family, friends, and festive cheer.  Each year that passes, families are faced with big decisions.  One of these decisions may involve the acquisition or selling of family property.  While no one likes these conversations, they are necessary and are important.  One major decision you will make when planning the execution or transition of an estates is

Should you buy or sell real estate?

You may be considering suggesting that mom and dad downsize and relocate closer to family/grandchildren.  You may be suggesting that the family sell property that is not producing income and is not being developed.  You may be considering investments for future generations, like a vacation home.  Your child may need a place to stay for the upcoming semesters in college.  You may have experienced the loss of a loved one, and are left to execute the will.

If you will be discussing transitions of real estate during this holiday season, here are some great tips to help keep the spirits merry and bright, while accomplishing your objectives.

Put your suggestions in writing.  List positive reasons to execute your intended outcomes.  Have documented facts to inform and support your suggestions.

Solicit input from others.   If your decision takes a majority vote, include your family in the process so that they feel respected. Solicit feedback so that they feel included.  Maybe you can take your vote in writing so it removes undesired influence or pressure.

If debating a location, aim for the centralized common ground.  An example is moving to Charlotte North Carolina.  It is a great location because it has mild weather.  Charlotte is near an international Airport.  Three hours from both mountains/ beaches, and is centrally located on the eastern coast.

If looking to buy or sell, seek professional advice.   Consult with a Realtor and a Mortgage Lender. You want to always lead with the numbers/budget.  This strategy is based on common sense and will yield long term positive impacts.

Plan your transactions.  Consider buying in the winter during the holiday season.  Consider selling in the summer.  You’ll receive the best deals based on supply and demand.

If you are thinking of purchasing real estate or selling a property please call and consult with our firm.  We are a full service real estate firm that can help you buy or sell in 50 states.  We are here to help make your transactions as simple as possible so that you have peace of mind about your choices.

Happy Holidays to You and Yours! – Morton Malloy Realtors

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