Month: October 2016

Converting Renters to Buyers




rent-to-buyAs realtors we are always looking to convince the unconvinced on purchasing and owning their own home.

When you consider the amount of money you waste in rents, it is a sobering thought and just cause to consider owning.  Some advantages to owning your own home are equity, tax credits, and community stability.


In today’s market, there is not reason for qualified buyers NOT to own.  Charlotte is the perfect market for ownership and investing.  For all the facts, options, and strategies on purchasing a home  please contact us today!


Renovations and Repairs


Three things you need to know when considering repairs or to renovate an existing property.

Make sure renovations are increasing the value of the property. Your projects should add space and usage.

Look for ways to create energy efficiency. Some examples are

  • Upgrading HVAC
  • New Windows
  • Upgrading appliances
  • Planting shrubs

Hire a recommended contractor. Ask for referrals.


Regardless of the transaction, you should consult a Realtor.

We can help you design and contract. We can save you time and money on upgrades and repairs. We can consult with you on “Pros vs. Cons” or “improving vs. selling”

If you are looking to purchase a home or you are looking to improve your existing home, please contact us about your options and property values. This has been another MMR opinion.